Hello, my friends and fellow readers! I know that lately, I haven’t been posting a lot. Life has been going in many different directions but I fully intend on writing and publishing once again in the next few weeks. Until then, feel free to follow my Instagram (personal or poet page) to get updated information on my life and work.

Be well! I love you all.




I’ll reach for you when my soul cries
I’ll hold you up when the waters rise
Can I come to you if I lose my sight?
Will you be the brightness and the light?
I have a special place in this heart for you
Endless, with a hope for the greatest truth
All my prayers were answered when you came
You’ve shown me that two hearts can be the same
I’ll always cherish you in any way I can
By your side, forever, your faithful man.

Coming Home

What do you do with the anger you feel?
What do you do with sadness so real?

I saw my home in the greater distance
A sight on the path of least resistance

What do you do when your home is always moving?
What do you do when you lose all your footing?

Together we walk the road we’ve never been
To find that hope on the far horizon

Hand in hand, walking toward the distant blue
I ask of this: let me come home to you.